We hope you enjoy these original works by Jen when you need inspiration, or when you need to simply take a break and breathe. remember to take care of yourself! enjoy some quiet time and reflect on all that is brilliant around you.  

by Jen Armstrong


Here For You For Them Mindful Parenting, Jen Armstrong, London


By being present, you will never resent, living life in each moment, something which cannot be leant. Every day is precious, although sometimes tedious... So viewing life in this way, might be something you delay. But decide from today, from now, to be present and mindful, and you’ll see how the world is diverse, an interesting place, And full of love.

Dispel this hate. 



Here For You For Them Mindful Parenting, Jen Armstrong, London


Watching and observing the waves of the ocean... Building up into big crests, then crashing and fizzling into nothing. Imagining each of these waves, no matter how big or small, symbolises a life, or an era in time. So many first and last breaths have been taken. But what is there to show from it? What did each of these waves achieve? Did they help carry something along its way? Or did it hinder it? Or cause destruction to some dismay? One thing they have in common... In order to exist, they needed the support from surroundings, to get the lift, no matter the life span... Height... Power... Each one is individual... Just as beautiful and meaningful as the next.


Project Yogi South London, Jen Armstrong, Mindful Parenting

How strange it was...The occurrence during the very last part of my course, As I was leading a relaxation, Such obvious symbolism which I could not force. As I lay on my back, listening to the water on the ceiling, A drop of water fell perfectly, Straight into my vision. The first fell directly onto my heart chakra, And then another a minute later, right onto my third eye. I almost wanted to cry.

I love it when this kind of thing happens... Is it a sign telling me to love myself, Be kind to myself, And look through my minds eye, And to myself give, The life I truly want to live.

See this as a mindfulness symbol, Our past selves, our past experiences, As drops of water... Just as these. As they rain down onto us, And affect us in so many ways, It is what we do with them, How we deal with them, That impacts us each in the following days. The drops that appear from the other side, Shape our future, That, of which, we cannot hide. But there is no need to hide, It only about our understanding inside. Whatever has been, And will be, All we ever has is this moment, That’s all there is to see.