Relax and Breathe with I Love Grain Eco-Friendly Pillows

“I Love Grain” organic eye pillow for rest and relaxation.

“I Love Grain” organic eye pillow for rest and relaxation.

We love it when we find or are introduced to lovely new products that help us relax, particularly when they are eco-friendly! Let us tell you about “I Love Grain” by Basia and Justyna, which are the sweetest pillows, eye pillows and heating pads that can be used for travel, meditation, after yoga, for sleep, and for any moment you need some extra comfort in your life.

With ingredients such as lavender, verbena, lemongrass, jasminum, eucalyptus, cloves and flax seed, I Love Grain products are all natural, beautiful and smell wonderful.

Every day we develop, design and create items that you and your kids will love as much as we and our children do.
— Basia and Justyna

For Your Comfort, Health and Well-Being

“As fillers we use ecological hulls of buckwheat, spelt, emmer wheat and mustard seeds, rice and various kinds of herbs, taking advantage of their natural health and relaxation properties. We cordially invite you to familiarize with the offer of I Love Grain and wish you a pleasant rest and fun!” - I Love Grain

My son Axel immediately took to the pillows, and especially how nice they smell. He loves the Eye Pillow for relaxing and added the Travel Pillow to his cosy space while reading.

We absolutely recommend the I Love Grain products and while they have broken into the US market already, we’re happy to be amongst the first to help spread the word about them on this side of the pond in London!

You can find their products on their website here: I Love Grain and follow them on Instagram too. Thank you for letting us share Basia and Justyna!

Love, from London x