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It is an honour to feature Greg Graber and Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee as we work to bring mindful parenting support to parents everywhere. Lausanne was the first school in the South to implement mindfulness practice, as a result of Greg's many years of mindfulness and meditation work with organisations such as the Memphis Grizzlies, LSU, the University of Memphis, Hilton Hotels and the Virginia Department of Corrections. Greg has been featured in the New York Times, ESPN and has presented at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He is also the author of "Slow Your Roll" which you can find on Amazon here. We thank Greg and Lausanne for sharing their experiences, so you can try to implement in your home too!

mindful moment bell ringers: while these are done before every core class at lausanne, the techniques can be utilised at home too before any activity, after waking up, when a pause is needed, or as something to integrate into your family routine!

Mindful Moment Bell Ringers Option One: Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis: Mindfulness in Schools

Option #1: “Following Your Breath” (meditation):

  1. No music or lights. Set your timer.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Sit up with your spine straight.

  4. Put hand on thighs or knee

  5. Take a few deep breaths. Then fall into your normal breathing pattern. Focus on your breath and the way your stomach expands and contracts when you breathe.

  6. When thoughts arise, gently observe them, and let them go. Continue to do this. They will arise. Don’t get frustrated. Just let them go, and refocus each time on your breathing.

  7. Resume normal breathing. Follow your breathing with your mind.

  8. Gently open your eyes when the timer sounds.

Mindful Moment Bell Ringers Option Two: Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, Mindfulness in Schools

Option #2: “5-1-7” (breathing exercise):

  1. Sit down. Sit up straight. Close your eyes.

  2. You will breathe in and out of your nose (not your mouth)

  3. Breathe from your stomach, not your chest (“big belly breathing”)

  4. Start by taking a deep breath. Work it from your stomach up to your nose. Inhale for five seconds.

  5. Hold your breath for one second.

  6. Exhale slowly, out of your nose for 7 seconds.

  • Do this five to ten times

mindful activity for kids: teddy bear belly breathing

Mindful Activity For Kids: Teddy Bear Belly Breathing

Mindful activity: teddy bear belly breathing

provided by Greg Graber, Lausanne Collegiate School Memphis

Meditation For Kids: Mindful Parenting, Here For You For Them

“It helps me calm down a lot and makes me less stressed about the homework we might have or a big test.”

Nathan, 5th Grade, Lausanne Collegiate School Memphis

Mindfulness and Kids: Mindful Parenting, Here For You For Them

“Mindful moments help me ‘reset’ after each class. They help students relax and stay focused. Mindful moments also help clear my thoughts and forget about anything outside the class that otherwise distracts me.”

Mallory, 7th Grade, Lausanne Collegiate School Memphis