Yoga on a cloud- Kids Mindfulness and Yoga Camp

by Jen Armstrong

Yoga on a Cloud’s three day half term Yoga Camp 29th-31st October 2018 in Radlett was such a lovely job for me to assist at! Working alongside the camp Founder, Kate (aka Fairy Kate as some of the children call her from her Kids party entertainer role) was a true pleasure and her energy was quite infectious!

Each day at the Yoga Camp was planned out so well and ran seamlessly. Every morning began with some yoga and games, followed by playtimes for the children to enjoy being together and exploring the beautiful playground, a mindful creative activity, and then chill time with mini back massages given by the children to each other before home time. Kate’s ability to engage the children and hold the space was really admirable, running themes throughout each day, such as day one’s theme of blossoming as a flower. There were sharing circles, group mandala making, and truly calming Savasana’s- all moments which helped to consolidate the daily activities and allowed the children to experience and learn how to create a true sense of calm and peace within their daily lives. Seeing their responses to these various activities and relaxations made it clear that this is what all children should be experiencing. 

Here is a little word from Kate herself about the benefits of her Yoga Camps:

“There are so many wonderful and salubrious benefits to Kids Yoga. Unlike many other physical or sports related activities, Kids Yoga is non-competitive and looks to take the entire class on a collective experience; We are all individuals in a Kids Yoga class, but also one united group. Kid’s Yoga doesn’t just promote healthy stretching and exercise, but focuses on improving and growing children’s’ minds, spirits, emotions and thoughts.

Children who are focused are able to learn more easily and will perform better in school.
In addition, children tend to behave better at home as well. Both Yoga and mediation are able to help bring out this focus.

Yoga is a great kids activity to combat stress; because yoga focuses on breathing and meditation, it is a natural stress reliever. This mind-body practice has been proven to reduce anxieties. Research shows that children who practice yoga-based movement are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves.

We all know the struggles that children face, from social media, peer pressure and wanting to fit in; Life can be hard. Through mindful thinking and sharing thoughts we can learn to appreciate our individual qualities and what we have to offer. It’s SO important that children know everyone is special in their own unique way, being present and listening to the good voice inside. This is something we learn at Yoga On A Cloud”

The world today can often be full of opportunities for over-stimulation and kids can have very busy lives putting pressure and demands on their attention and energies
— Kate, yoga on a cloud

Kate’s Camps and Workshops are so well established, and I know that she is looking to potentially expand to other areas of London, so if you may be interested then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or Kate to talk things through further.

She is also running another 3 day Kids Yoga Camp on 2nd-4th January - click here to learn more and for tickets! 

If you are thinking of opening your children up to this experience you will not regret it! Every child left each day with a big smile on their face and made some lovely new friends which was very heartwarming to see.

Living in the moment, finding the light and fulfilment in all things, exploring nature and being present.

Creations and imagination, acceptance of change; when one thing comes to an end, something else new and exciting begins.
— Kate, yoga on a cloud

Alongside us at HERE, Kate is contributing greatly to bringing yoga into children’s lives by making it fun, accessible, and open to all. 

Thank you Kate- and we can’t wait to work together again!  xx