Ideas for you to do by yourself or with your little ones!

Mindful Activity: The Positive Jar


Make a positive jar with your children to help with anxiety, self-esteem and happiness! Decorate it inside and out and drop notes in there when they're brave or creative for example, to later pull out when they're feeling down as a way to help with communication.

Mindful Activity: Dots Around The Home

dots around the home

Place a few small dot stickers strategically on a few things and when you see the dot (or any dot in your environment), take a big inhale and exhale just for one moment, then carry on as you were. This could also help during stressful situations at home either with children, partners, family, etc.

Mindful Parenting Activity: Yoga Tree Pose to Help with Calmness and Relaxing

tree pose for calming down

I love the tree pose for moments when my son needs to take a break and calm down. I'll do the pose with him and then we take a deep breath in, and then blow it all out! Do this a few times and watch the magic unfold. My son loves it too because it's like a fun game!  

Yoga Pretzels.jpeg

yoga pretzels

Such a fun way to introduce yoga to your family! "Practise bending, twisting, breathing, relaxing and more with Yoga Pretzels, a vibrant and colourful set of illustrated cards, that provide a healthy dose of fun and education, while teaching all the yoga basics to help your head and heart."

The Five Minute Journal For Kids

The Five Minute Journal for kids

This is a highly recommended activity that is fun for children to learn how to develop positive attitudes. This could be a lovely thing for you to do with your child, to open up communication, and to model the benefits of daily goal setting and positive affirmation.


Mindful Mandala’s

Mandala’s are a great, fun and easy way to get creative and mindful with your kids at home! They can help with developing concentration and focus, and are also an amazing communication tool.. not to forget very therapeutic and calming too! Free printable’s available below.