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Mindfulness for children guides via the New york times                    

"Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. It can help parents and caregivers, too, by promoting happiness and relieving stress."

via David Gelles @dgelles

what is mindful parenting anyway via huffington post uk

"What mindful parenting is not: superficial, lack of discipline, looking fabulous at all times, getting it right first time and every time, having children that meditate every day (but that's not a bad thing if it happens)."

via Dr. Elizabeth Sparkes

parents, you've got to love yourself first, via Irish examiner

"Looking after yourself, being kind to yourself, will make you better able to deal with the ups and down of looking after children. Lack of confidence makes it more difficult to get in touch with your more soothing side."

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Photo by Jen Armstrong

Photo by Jen Armstrong


Project Yogi

"Project Yogi is a not-for-profit organisation that creates self-development and self-empowerment programmes using yoga, mindfulness and social emotional development activities. Our programmes are designed for children, teenagers and families. Through yoga, mindfulness and social emotional learning, we help young people live better, learn better and make better choices."


Special Yoga, london and worldwide

"At Special Yoga we believe that all children are special and deserve to experience peace, joy and fulfilment of their potential and purpose. We welcome, support and nourish all special children on their unique journey to embrace their potential through our respected therapeutic Special Yoga practice.

We meet every child, individually, with their family and in group sessions, with a pure intention to create a practice that encourages them to their fullest potential. Celebrating the strength within each child and working from there." 

BBC NEWS: "Yoga Tells The Worries To Go Away"

We love this story by BBC News on a north London, special educational needs school, that practices yoga every week with their children who are on the autism spectrum. Teachers even attend yoga teacher training courses so that they can integrate yoga into their classes. 

Click on the link or on the photo to watch the video.



"Bite-Sized Mindfulness: An Easy Way for Kids to be Happy and Healthy | KIRA WILLEY | TEDxLehighRiver"