The Benefits of Adding a Positive Journal To Your Daily Routine

by Jen Armstrong

How to keep a positive journal, photo by Hannah Olinger via Unsplash

One thing I began doing last year is keeping a positive journal, and the one I use is called “The five minute journal” which does literally take just five minutes, if that!

Every morning after you wake up, before anything else, you write down three things you are grateful for, three things that you plan to do that day which would make it great, and one positive affirmation.

I find it helpful to sometimes simply just be thankful for a warm bed, or for the sun shining, and to plan small things in my day like do 5 minutes of yoga after I wake, make something new for dinner or complete one thing off my to do list.

Then last thing before you go to bed, you write down three good things that happened in your day, and also three things you could have done to have made it better.
— Jen Armstrong

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t complete your tasks for the day, it’s more about reminding yourself what was good about your day, no matter how small a detail, and also what else you could have done to make that day better. The one thing that’s also great about this diary is that you fill in the date yourself, so even if you don’t pick it up for 2 months (or two years!) you can continue exactly where you left off.

Here is the link for the book- They even have a version for kids too! This could be a lovely thing for you to do with your child, to open up communication, and to model the benefits of daily goal setting and positive affirmation.