Jen's New Family Yoga Class- What To Expect!

by Jen Armstrong

For those of you who may be interested in attending or learning more about my new Family Yoga class at Hot Yoga Peckham, I thought it would be a nice idea to write about my last session so you can get a better idea of what to expect!

For my family class this week I decided it would be jungle themed, playing music from the jungle book, lion king and so forth. I had based the class on the Root Chakra which relates to the Earth, so hence why I chose a jungle theme to incorporate that theme on a more child friendly level. I know that the little ones wont necessarily understand the meaning of Chakras and balancing their energies through certain postures, but I feel its a nice element for me to incorporate as an adult focus as well within the class and also to drive the choice and flow of postures. 

My Family Yoga classes are open to all ages and abilities, as I wish to practice in a way which is all inclusive and all encompassing to every individual families needs. 

I opened the class with the singing bowl which I then allowed each child to come up and have a go at. Every child, and parent, is fascinated by this sound when they first hear it, just as I was. It’s an amazingly calming yet powerful force. There was even a 7 month old in this week’s class who, when I closed the class again with the singing bowl, looked like they could not believe what they were hearing! Such a cool moment to observe that little girls response to the powerful sound.

Elements of main activity included in the class:

  • Breathing ball exercise to help visually demonstrate slow long yogic breathing.

  • Hello sun, Hello Earth sun salutations.

  • Animal poses which involved moving around the mats in different ways and really feeling the earth with the feet and toes.

  • Lion breath.

  • Colourful scarves to play around with breath and movement- a chance to dance a little and have fun together.

  • Grounding poses with scarves in a circle to solidify Root Chakra focus.

  • As this class had slightly younger little ones in it I suggested that each mum and child try just one partner pose ‘Lizard on a rock’ which is the most grounding of them all- with my assistance they all managed it (even the 7 month old!).

Each lovely parent and child spent the whole 45 minute class engaging with one another, supporting each other, moving, and modelling poses and breathing. Overall, they were simply sharing this space of calm and enjoyment together unlike they do in any other class they attend. 

Time for Savasana!

The whole class then came to a close, and for the Savasana song I chose ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ which seemed to perfect for these three awesome mums and their little ones. It was truly such a heartwarming moment seeing them all cradling or snuggling up to their little ones, stroking their hair, and just being close. The lights were dimmed, they were wrapped up in blankets, and they were being present with one another. 

It is moments like this which truly solidify, in my mind, why I am here and why I am so passionate about creating these experiences for parents and children to be together, and build stronger connections through the practice and magic of yoga. 

I teach this class on Monday’s at 4:50-5:15pm at Hot Yoga Peckham. See class details and booking on my website by clicking here. Also, please feel free to contact me with any queries or question about this class or private teaching. 

Connect deeper with yoga, and with each other  xx