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Om:Pop With Family Support H&F: Brain Architecture

The latest theme was “Brain Architecture,” where we began to think about ways in which we can help children to develop, by providing strong foundations and solid walls of positive experience and nurturing.

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Help Us Bring More Om:Pop Mindfulness Pop-Ups To London Families!

At HERE, our goal is to create happy, healthy households worldwide through mindful practice. From stress to mental health issues, families are in critical need of wellbeing support and resources are lacking. One way in which we aim to introduce mindfulness to families is through our Om:Pop… We would love to have your support to bring more Om:Pops to London!

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Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch @ Kindred, Hammersmith 

We are so excited to invite you to Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch this March! The event will be held in the most beautiful space at Kindred in Hammersmith, London during their opening weekend on the 3rd March and we would love for London families to join us!

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Weekly Mindfulness Toolbox 1: Bravery and Courage

Here For You For Them Weekly Mindfulness Toolbox: The focus for this week is “Bravery and Courage.” Find a family activity for every day focused on this theme.

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Bedtime Yoga Pose Stories For Calm

When you feel the need for something to calm your child’s (or your own!) body and mind, then trying these few poses, or even just one, can help you to relax and unwind. They are also a great way to calm your children in certain times of the day, such as bedtime, when a gentle way to lower their levels of physical and emotional arousal is greatly beneficial. 

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A Letter To Axel: Why We're Here

I wrote this letter to my son on 8 February, 2017, before our journey from Seattle to London. I wanted to write down how I was feeling, as well as have something to look back on and remember. Our time here has been and is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy we did it! Who knows what the future holds, but in the meantime, I thought this would be a good time to post this.

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Mindful Parenting and Positive Modeling

As a parent, if you want your child to develop a healthy sense of emotional resilience to all the various, mounting pressures there are on children each day, model mindful behaviour yourself. Your child will observe the way you deal with stress, anger, happiness, etc., all of which you have the ability to positively model.

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Mindful Parenting and Positive Self-Concept

Positive thoughts and interactions with others are so easy to come by.  Make them your reality. As the more positive thoughts you have about yourself, the more you will build a positive self-concept, and reverse any prior negative self-concept and identity you may have believed about yourself.

'Positivity breeds positivity'

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