Weekly Mindfulness Toolbox 1: Bravery and Courage

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Photo via Jen Armstrong at Project Yogi London

Photo via Jen Armstrong at Project Yogi London

When you begin your morning routine, take a moment to pause, breathe and reflect about your week ahead.

You can say the following quote with your child to set your intention for the week:

I am thankful for all the times that I can show bravery and courage. 

tuesday observation

Pay attention and take note of the times throughout the week that you show bravery or courage. These don’t need to be major acts of bravery, but can be little ones too! We can praise all bravery no matter how small. You can even write these down in a journal, or on your phone notepad.


Create and colour a “Strengths Shield.” Write down four of your strengths (and do together as a chance for parent-child bonding and communication), or you can separate into strengths in their life like your family, friends, hobbies and interests.

(Strengths Shield examples via Teaching Health and Happiness)

thursday time-in: developing relationships

Cakes and candles can be for more than celebrating your birthday! This week, bake a cake or cupcakes together as a time-in activity, get those candles ready and then blow them out to celebrate your courage. Each candle can represent one brave act or one fear you’ve conquered.

Here For You For Them Mindful Parenting: Weekly Toolbox, Thursday Time-In

friday breathing exercise for emotional resilience: Lion’s Breaths

“Release pent up energy, including stress, anxiety and anger from the upper body. Ask your child to imagine they are powerful, brave lions getting ready to make almighty roars!” - via Mindful Little Yogis

  1. Inhale through the nose

  2. Stretch your jaw open and let out a big roar with an exhale! (Your child can even stick their tongue out during the roar.)

  3. Breathe!

saturday yoga poses for strength and flexibility: Warrior poses

When you do the poses, tell each other about a strength of yours or a time you were brave.

sunday night affirmation (self-concept)

“I am brave. I am courageous. I am safe.”

Here For You For Them: Weekly Toolbox Affirmation for Mindful Parenting, Dana Dyksterhuis, Jen Armstrong, London

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