Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch @ Kindred, Hammersmith 

By Jen Armstrong


We are excited to invite you to Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch! The event will be held in the most beautiful space at Kindred in Hammersmith during their opening weekend on the 3rd March, and we would love for London families to join us!

Om:Pop’s are a concept born from our work at Here, designed to bring children and parents together on the mat. We aim to create a shared space for families to have fun, be mindful together, and also connect with others. We want to extend the support we offer online, to create memorable real world experiences for families to attend and share the joy of yoga and mindfulness together.

Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch, Sunday, 3 March 10-Noon at Kindred Hammersmith

Why family yoga and brunch?

Yoga unites communities as does food, especially around a community table! Yoga and brunch events are popping up across London, all of which look and sound beautiful, however most don’t allow for those with children to attend. So if you’re unable to find childcare for your littles ones, then you have to take a pass on these events which, to us, is a real shame. 

We also feel that with the growing amount of adults finding the benefits of engaging in mindful activities within their own lives, why not invite children to participate too? It’s great to practice on your own from time to time, but to help instil these values in your children, what better way than to share the experience together. 

So this is where our concept was born! Our Om:Pop’s provide fun, community centred, family yoga and brunch events for families to bring their children along to as well. We invite any mums, dads, aunties, carers, etc. to come along and enjoy not just the yoga, but the time to connect and share with others too. And what better way to wrap up the session than over a lovely healthy brunch! 

Yoga and mindfulness has shown to help increase a child’s emotional and physical health, and doing it with an adult, even more so with a parent, can create this memorable experience each time that can also help develop the relationship between both as well. 
— Jen, Here Co-Founder

Included in each ticket is a main option of Avocado Toast, Eggs on Toast, or French toast, and also sharers for all which include Yogurt with Granola and Compote and a Salad. Each ticket also includes lovely, refreshing drink and hot drinks too.

Who will be there? 

Both founders of HERE, Jen Armstrong and Dana Dyksterhuis will be there alongside the lovely Karin Schrijvers from Bubble and Sprout. As a mama, yoga/meditation teacher and mindful minimalist, Karin has firsthand experience of the positive effects that mindfulness can bring to families, and will be leading a short meditation at the end of the yoga practice. Karin will also be on hand throughout the day to introduce parents to simple mindfulness techniques that they can easily take home and model to their children

There will also be Susanne Lurger of BeYoCO who has been bringing Embodied Mindfulness to many over the past 10 years. Inspired by the holistic philosophy of everything being connected, she now also offers Embottled Mindfulness. Her use of essential oils recognises the link between body and mind via sensory pathways to create a desired emotional, mental and physical state. Susanne has created a special blend of essential oils for our event, which will be infused around the space for help creating that extra special sense of calm and happiness. She will also be on hand to offer tips and advice on using oils to suit the whole family. 

There will also be an area for you to discover some yoga books, kids yoga posters, yoga cards, instruments and more! 

Moments from Our Om:Pop at Melcombe Primary School, Fulham

What can I expect? 

Each event is based upon a theme, the first of which, is happiness and heart opening! This theme will run throughout the event and be intertwined within the yoga class and mindful activity offered shortly afterwards. The two hour event will begin with a 45 minute yoga class led by Jen from Here, which will include elements of playful yoga, breathing, music and partner poses. The class will focus on opening the heart chakra through some of the poses which creates a factor for adults to relate to, and also more child friendly focus to engage the little ones too! This will then be followed by a short meditation by Karin .

One other important factor of introducing your children to yoga, and especially in bringing them to workshops and classes with others, is for them to build upon their social skills. It’s providing the opportunity to develop relationships with peers in this positive and open environment which invites children to share thoughts, express themselves, and support each other through poses, breathing, and games.
— Jen, Here co-founder

After this, there will be some time to enjoy a nice drink, connect with other families, have a try at our heart opening creative activity, explore some mindful books and products, before sitting down for a little bite to eat. 

But the fun doesn’t end there! We want to support your mindful journey after the event also, so you will also be provided with some take home tips, affirmations, and poses to continue your heart opening practice at home!  

When and where? 

Our special event will be held at Kindred in Hammersmith on Sunday 3rd March from 10-12pm. Adults of any age and ability welcome, and children from ages 3-8 are also welcome to join (the most receptive age group for this family class includes children between 3 and 8 years old).    

Tickets are £10 each and available to buy on Eventbrite- click on the button below to buy!                              

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact Dana at with any questions or queries!

We can’t wait to host our event in the beautiful space at Kindred and we hope you will be able to join us :)

We are Here For You, For Them,

Jen & Dana xx

In the meantime! 

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