Om:Pop With Family Support H&F: Brain Architecture

We are grateful for the amazing session we had with families in Shepherds Bush, as we work with Bubble + Sprout to bring brain building, family yoga and mindfulness pop-ups to the community (our Om:Pop!). The session was a part of our partnership with Family Support, Hammersmith & Fulham.

The latest theme was “Brain Architecture,” where we began to think about ways in which we can help children to develop, by providing strong foundations and solid walls of positive experience and nurturing.

brain architecture: building a strong foundation

As explained by Family Support: “Early experiences literally shape how the brain gets built. A strong foundation in the very early years increases the chances of positive health and learning later on, while a weak foundation increases the odds of having difficulties.”

Early childhood experiences change our brains in ways that affect our health throughout our lives.”

“Positive interactions between young children and their caregivers literally build the architecture of the developing brain to provide a sturdy base for a lifetime of better health.
— NHS and NSPCC "Brain Architecture" Video

how yoga helps build strong foundations

“We use yoga with children to help build their emotional awareness and understanding, aka their self regulatory capacity, to be able to help them acknowledge emotions, express them, and be able to breath through all that life throws at them,” Jen Armstrong, HERE Co-Founder.

fun yoga poses for children

Poses like “Lizard on a Rock” and “Downward Dog” not only create positive interactions, but they are also great fun to do with your children as demonstrated by class members here!

Group Yoga poses and being together

Jen Armstrong,  Co-founder of HERE  leads the family yoga session

Jen Armstrong, Co-founder of HERE leads the family yoga session

end of session meditation (and building blocks!)

Karin Schrijvers,  Bubble + Sprout  leads the meditation session

Karin Schrijvers, Bubble + Sprout leads the meditation session

Find more articles on brain architecture, mindfulness and activities you can do as a family below!

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by Karin Schrijvers, Bubble + Sprout

Look Say Sing Play by NSPCC and Family Support, Serve and Return techniques

Brain Building With Look, Say, Sing, Play

Through Family Support Hammersmith & Fulham and the NSPCC

Mindful Parenting Blog, Mindfulness Toolboxes for Parents and Children

Mindfulness Toolboxes For Your Family

The Mindfulness Toolbox by HERE includes a daily activity and/or affirmation centred on weekly themes such as bravery and courage, positivity and resilience. There is also an opportunity to be a part of a weekly video chat for support and questions.

We look forward to bringing more sessions to families in London and beyond. To read more about our Om:Pops, click on the button below!

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