Om:Pop With Family Support H&F: Stress Response

brain building, mindfulness and stress response: positive, tolerable and toxic stress


We have leaped out of September and into October, continuing our Om:Pop Series with Family Support, Hammersmith and Fulham and Bubble + Sprout. It has been so wonderful being with families, as we bring bespoke mindfulness, yoga and brain building sessions to them. The theme for the first week at Cathnor Park Children’s Centre was “Stress Response.”

From Family Support, Hammersmith & Fulham:

“There are different kinds of stress that very young children – say ages nought to five – can experience: there’s positive stress, buffered (sometimes known as tolerable) stress, and toxic stress. Positive stress is the types of challenges that can actually help children develop, like facing a challenging social situation or preparing for a really hard exam. Buffered or tolerable stress is things that could damage development, but that are buffered by having supportive positive relationships, like having strong adult support when a loved one dies. And then there is toxic stress.

Toxic Stress happens when a child experiences severe and on-going stress – like extreme poverty, abuse, or violence in the community – without consistent supportive relationships. Toxic stress affects the way that the child’s brain develops and can lead to lifelong problems in learning, behaviour, and both physical and mental health.”

Types of Stress Response: Positive, Tolerable and Toxic

Information via Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

how yoga and mindfulness help with stress

We use yoga with children to help build their emotional awareness and understanding, aka their self regulatory capacity, to be able to help them acknowledge emotions, express them, and be able to breath through all that life throws at them.
— Jen Armstrong, HERE Co-Founder

family yoga and brain building with jen armstrong, co-founder of Here

Meditation and Brain Building with Karin Schrijvers, Bubble + Sprout

A focused practice can rewire our brain connections to such an extend that it can help move us from a state of chaos to a state of calm. Let’s sit with that for a breath or two or more…
— Karin Schrijvers, Bubble + Sprout

Read more from Karin on this topic below:

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Our Om:Pop series with Family Support Hammersmith & Fulham is brought to you by HERE in partnership with Bubble + Sprout, where we bring bespoke mindfulness, yoga and brain building sessions to families. Family Support, backed by the H&F Council, has an incredible mission, which is to help families in Hammersmith & Fulham thrive. This includes their “Brain Builders” initiative with activities and resources to help build your baby’s brain!