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Om:Pop With Family Support H&F: Brain Architecture

The latest theme was “Brain Architecture,” where we began to think about ways in which we can help children to develop, by providing strong foundations and solid walls of positive experience and nurturing.

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The London Mindful Living Show: An Amazing Community To Help With Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Life

We want to share some of the amazing creators, products and companies we came across at the Mindful Living Show, as it can be so helpful to have products and organisations in your life that can help with sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, anxiety and stress. There were many great exhibitors and groups, but here are a few of our favourites.

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Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch @ Kindred, Hammersmith 

We are so excited to invite you to Om:Pop Family Yoga + Brunch this March! The event will be held in the most beautiful space at Kindred in Hammersmith, London during their opening weekend on the 3rd March and we would love for London families to join us!

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A Family Gratitude Ritual

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot from other parents on “comparison,” and how it can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your life to others. We want to help offer advice for breaking this cycle of thought and shift your brain to kinder, more positive ways of thinking. Thank you Karin for sharing your thoughts with all of us, and we hope you enjoy!

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Axel Recommends: Ommie and the Magical Garden

“Hello, is this your magical garden?” The story and the pictures are just adorable as you follow Ommie on her adventure encountering animals in the magical garden, and made it a lot of fun for Axel to do the poses along with the pages. He really loves cats, so got a big tickle out of seeing Cat Pose.

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Yoga Pretzels For Children and Families

We love Yoga Pretzels as a mindful activity for children. Research shows that yoga benefits children greatly when it comes to easing stress, anxiety and pressure. It’s also a great activity they can do with friends and parents! Don’t take it from us, hear about it from them!

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