The London Mindful Living Show: An Amazing Community To Help With Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Life

the mindful living show, london

Amani Eke with Project Yogi

Amani Eke with Project Yogi

We had an incredible time at the London Mindful Living Show with Amani Eke and Project Yogi this past weekend and are filled with gratitude as a result of meeting so many wonderful people. If you stopped by our booth to ask some questions, we thank you for your support and look forward to connecting with you further! We do encourage you to contact us at any time with scenarios you need help with, and you can follow us in social media too below:

We also want to share some of the amazing creators, products and companies we came across, as it can be beneficial to have products and organisations in your life that can help with sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, anxiety and stress. There were many great exhibitors and groups, but here are a few of our favourites. We hope you enjoy!

HERE Mindful Parenting, Jen Armstrong and Dana Dyksterhuis

Rainbow Yoga

“Rainbow Yoga is interactive and social, it is all about connection; Touch, hug, move, breathe and co-create together in a magical and playful way.”

Bedtime Box

“Bedtime Box is a brand new product brought to you by Liz Raba, founder of A Thoughtful Place To Be. A Thoughtful Place To Be is all about creating spaces. Spaces for connection, for creativity, for well-being, for nurturing imagination and for story-telling.”

Hopping Hare Candles

“Hopping Hare candles are all handmade in the UK. We offer a range of highly scented hand blended essential oil candles and diffusers plus a range of fragrance oil candles and diffusers using the very best ingredients we can source.”

zafs n zabs

“Zafs n Zabs (a short for zafu and zabuton) was born out of a love of creating and producing top quality, hand crafted (sitting) meditation equipment that is bespoke and durable. As a mindfulness teacher, I understand the importance of having meditation equipment that supports your practice.” 

Moon Karma Singing Bowls

“Singing bowls have been created in Nepal centuries ago. They are also called Himalayan bowls or Healing bowls. The bowls are used for meditation, theraphy, personal well-being and spiritual practices. The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed with the wooden stick, is said to put the brain in a meditative state.”

(You can also find Dipesh and Eugenie at the Made in H&F Pop-Up space in Kings Mall, Hammersmith.)

For more organisations, resources and products from the Mindful Living Show, you can check out their website here. We hope to see you again next year!

In the meantime, we are working on bringing more mindful family pop-ups to London, which you can learn more about here:

Dana and Jen x