Axel Recommends: Ommie and the Magical Garden

Kids and Yoga: Ommie and the Magical Garden

We loved meeting Ommie Yoga in Instagram and learning all about “Ommie and the Magical Garden!” The mission of Ommie is something we believe in:

We think children are pretty amazing and passionately believe that the combination of simple yoga movements with imaginative kids yoga book stories can help to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.”

With an aim to introduce children to Yoga, “Ommie and the Magical Garden” was born. My son Axel was so excited to receive this book, and what better place to read it at, than a magical garden! So off to Ravenscourt Park we went.

“Hello. Is this your magical garden?”

The story and the pictures are just adorable as you follow Ommie on her adventure encountering animals in the magical garden, and made it a lot of fun for Axel to do the poses along with the pages. He really loves cats, so got a big tickle out of seeing Cat Pose. Just as with other Yoga and Mindfulness activities, Axel created his own pose along with the book too, called “Penguin Pose.” (I suppose this goes along with “Penguin Breath” that he created when doing Mindful Little Yogis!) Another testament to how Yoga encourages creativity with the little ones.

Ravenscourt Park Garden, Hammersmith, London

Ravenscourt Park Garden, Hammersmith, London

Benefits of Yoga For Children

We talk about the benefits of Yoga a lot at HERE, but can never highlight it enough… From the Ommie website, here is more information to consider:

“Benefits of yoga for kids, whether this is getting to grips with tons of new ideas, or coping with stress and anxiety, making new friendships or perhaps repairing old ones, growing up can be complicated and sometimes stressful. That’s why we think introducing kids yoga in a fun, interactive way can help kids to lead a more balanced life. We’re not the only ones who think yoga for children is a good idea. In schools, where kids yoga is already part of the daily curriculum, teachers have observed the benefits of yoga noticing children’s improved focus and concentration and that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga helps to:

  • promote physical strength and enhances flexibility

  • refine balance and improves co-ordination

  • improve focus and concentration

  • boost self-esteem and confidence

  • strengthen the mind/body connection

  • equip children with tools for a more balanced life

Our guiding principles are: To make yoga fun, to be an ethical business, to make yoga relevant to children and to help less fortunate children.”

Axel Recommends: Ommie and the Magical Garden - Yoga For Kids

Thank you Ommie for sharing your journey with us through your magical garden and we encourage other families to check out this book too!