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On a Mission to Bring Peace and Joy To Kids: Meet Therapy Dog Sammy with Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis

My mission is to help bring joy and peace to the kids at Lausanne and anywhere else that I can. Everyone has so much going on in their lives (no matter what age) and I try to help people remember to take a moment and enjoy what is around them.

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A Story For When Your Child Is Sad From Kratu The Rescue Dog

“Think of all the good things that are in your life, warm bed, roof over your head, food when you are hungry, fresh water, clean clothes, books, toys appreciating and being grateful for somethings we can take for granted is very important. Gratitude can bring peace and happiness. The best attitude is gratitude! … We are the ones who can make a change with how we feel by doing something else and then after a little while, you have forgotten the sadness and are happy again.”

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The London Mindful Living Show: An Amazing Community To Help With Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Life

We want to share some of the amazing creators, products and companies we came across at the Mindful Living Show, as it can be so helpful to have products and organisations in your life that can help with sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, anxiety and stress. There were many great exhibitors and groups, but here are a few of our favourites.

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Mindful Parenting and Positive Self-Concept

Positive thoughts and interactions with others are so easy to come by.  Make them your reality. As the more positive thoughts you have about yourself, the more you will build a positive self-concept, and reverse any prior negative self-concept and identity you may have believed about yourself.

'Positivity breeds positivity'

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